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music video

Dream Cut © Kokoe 2019

music video

KoKoe started its music video life with its founder, where he produced a series of diverse works for all sorts of artistes including: David Bowie, Earth Wind and Fire, Cats, Glenn Campbell and Imagination (to name but a few).


Kokoe now concentrates more on film but still takes on the odd music video that may catch our founder's eye so please submit any requests using the CONTACT tab above.


Below is a glimpse of a selection of more recent music video work. If you would us to make your new signing stand out or work with a new band or new release, we have exceptional experience in this sector so please drop us a line and let us know what your budget is and what you are looking for.


Click the picture links below to see the videos and CONTACT US on the link above for more info.



Alex Miles - Eau Naturelle
If You Wait
Touchstone - Lights
Jacaranda - Micrsh
Cat Couture - Bitching

*  DEVELOPMENT - means that a title has begun the planning and initial discussions for it to become a production.

*  PRE-PRODUCTION - means that a title has been moved from development to prepare it for a test shoot or principal photography.

*  PRODUCTION - means that the titles has been 'green-lit' (funding in place) ready to shoot principal photography.

*  POST PRODUCTION - means that the title has finished 'filming schedules and is ready to be delivered to post-production/grading.

*  PRE-SALES means that a title is ready to be seen at festivals and to be reviewed by potential sales agents for distribution.