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short films

KoKoe Film, working with new company: KOKOE STUDIOS have been producing a series of unique, short films, exploring new techniques of experimentation while looking at new talent, new crew ideas and new filming methods, all to bring you some very different and creative films to watch at your local festival or online on new channels and platforms.


Below are a selection of only some of our short films that we hope will soon be available to watch as we finish the various phases of their production. We will bring news via social media platforms (click the links above) with some on their own pages along with trailers, screen shots and information as and when the films will be available to watch.


Click the 'posters' below to see a preview trailer, a production update or on-set stills or any other elements. If it redirects you to COMING SOON, then keep coming back here to catch up with any updates.

Fancy funding a short film and getting an IMDB rating while giving your film career a major boost?

Want to get involved and be a part of what we do? Join our studios as either an EXECUTIVE or as an actor on the PRODUCTION and have fun making films with us as you build your career path. 


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If You Wait
Margins Edge
Its not easy
Signals Ahead

*  DEVELOPMENT - means that a title has begun the planning and initial discussions for it to become a production.

*  PRE-PRODUCTION - means that a title has been moved from development to prepare it for a test shoot or principal photography.

*  PRODUCTION - means that the titles has been 'green-lit' (funding in place) ready to shoot principal photography.

*  POST PRODUCTION - means that the title has finished 'filming schedules and is ready to be delivered to post-production/grading.

*  PRE-SALES means that a title is ready to be seen at festivals and to be reviewed by potential sales agents for distribution.