Dilemma © Kokoe 2019


KoKoe are now in full production via new company: KOKOE STUDIOS who are currently developing and producing a series of very different and original features from dramas, thrillers and action & adventure and fantasy titles, we're excited to be creating films.


We have various features in development, pre-production and post-production so if you need information on any of them please ask. Click the 'posters' below for info. If a title is ready to be seen with stills, outtakes or even a preview, you can click on the links and see. Any questions about the film/s, use the CONTACT US link in the menu.


Fancy funding a short film and getting an IMDB rating while giving your film career a major boost with a going-places film studios? (You could end up as an Executive Producer or guarantee a leading speaking role as an actor). 

Also see our SHORT FILMS pages for more information on funding our smaller productions.




*  DEVELOPMENT - means that a title has begun the planning and initial discussions for it to become a production.

*  PRE-PRODUCTION - means that a title has been moved from development to prepare it for a test shoot or principal photography.

*  PRODUCTION - means that the titles has been 'green-lit' (funding in place) ready to shoot principal photography.

*  POST PRODUCTION - means that the title has finished 'filming schedules and is ready to be delivered to post-production/grading.

*  PRE-SALES means that a title is ready to be seen at festivals and to be reviewed by potential sales agents for distribution.