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Even though winning multiple awards at a number of international festivals worldwide
is a proud 
achievement for such a young production company,
it is not often possible to attend every one, globally.

However, some festivals, we feel, certainly stand out from the crowd and so we are promoting them here on this page to share with you their richness and grandeur along with the honour of not only attending their invitation for a nomination but also to show how proud we are of our production company and its its performers, staff and crew.
All of whom to whom we extend our warmest thanks for your collaborations
in helping us win so many selections, nominations and prized awards.

We honour you all.


The International Sound & Film Music Festival (ISFMF)

ISFMF is not only a celebration of art; it is a vibrant testament to the wonder that occurs
sound music and film collaborate in an equal and amazing manner.


In 2022, the festival celebrated its remarkable 10th anniversary and our director and producer,
as its guests, had the privilege of attending their 2023 ISFMF Festival in Samobor.

How little did they know that they were about to embark on a journey that would leave them,

not only surprised but utterly amazed and profoundly moved by the whole event.


"ISFMF, born from the visionary minds of Artistic Director Ozren K. Glaser, alongside Tena Glaser and Željko Glaser and enriched by Executive Director Marijana Knezoci, is a testament to the power of the making of a dream. But it is not only about a dream; it is about the tireless dedication of a family as a team that has watched it grow from its humble beginnings into a dazzling global showcase of talent."

The 'Oscars' of Sound and Music

Both Kokoe's Director and Founder, Peter J TIsma and Sian Francis, the Lead Producer and Executive Producer on the film nominated for the coveted Horizon Award, were struck by the sheer star power the festival attracted this year; well up on their previous year of 2022.


Over its first decade, ISFMF has played host to luminaries of both the film and music industries; incomparable legends who graced the event with their presence, contributing through panels, masterclasses, performances and even joining the festival's Artistic Board.


But what sets ISFMF apart is that these connections have not been fleeting; they have blossomed into lasting friendships, a testament to the unique camaraderie fostered by the ISFMF vision.

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 19.31.49.png

A Constellation of Stars in One Place

What truly amazed us was the unprecedented number of Oscar, BAFTA, Emmy, and Golden Globe winners who had made their way to the heart of Croatia, through the ISFMF and recognised by their talents and sheer skill.
We chatted to Oscar Winnwers Steven Price (Gravity and Baby Driver) and Chris Benstead (The Gentleman and Wrath of Man) as w
ell as being graced by the presence of the legendary Mark Ulano who spoke of his work (Titanic, Killers of the Flower Moon and Iron Man).


The festival's ability to draw such illustrious giants of the industry stands as a testament to its international prestige and its magnetic attraction.

Yet, what touched us was not only such glittering
star power but the warmth and friendliness of the festival organizers and the founders. We were genuinely taken aback by the sheer passion and dedication with which everyone involved embraced their roles. From the festival staff to the artists, there was a palpable sense of unity, a shared love for the art of sound and film and a mutual commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent into such a warm and welcoming fold.

A Wonder of Inspiration

The festival's official program is a testament to such a broad commitment; the festival itself featuring a rich tapestry of events, including concerts, panels, seminars, workshops, film markets, and the after party (which was an event in itself).


Set against a picturesque and sparkling backdrop in Samobor, Croatia in the enchanting month of October, it was evident that the organisers were not only holding a festival here; they were crafting an unforgettable experience that united and inspired everyone who attended.

We left ISFMF with our hearts still attached to the

family of ISFMF, full of wonder and inspiration and much deserved admiration. We had not only witnessed (and been converted to the power and vital importance of music and sound in film by the discussions) but had been deeply moved by the warmth of the people behind this incredible event.


Thus ISFMF has left an indelible mark on our hearts; a testament to the festival's unwavering commitment to the fusion of art in sound and composition and, through the incredible warmth and support of its organizers and founders, we have not only discovered a beautiful community that made it all so possible but a new and extended family we are honoured to be a part of.

ISFMF, We honour you. Proud.

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