Want us to help you with something and put it to film? No problem.


We love creating stuff using combinations of creative methods (and we have covered pretty much everything over years).
Briefs and ideas range from a 'celebrity wedding' (where hosts look for a 'cinematic feel' to the day), or shooting (and driving) on a beach with a stunt girl riding a horse (standing on the saddle, no less) or to flying a drone through a very expensive glass kitchen with a yellow Lamborghini for a coffee table (that really was the brief)!

From our experience, anything can be achieved with careful planning and a great crew, (which Kokoe consistently provides). Expensive? Not all. In many cases, that unique and very original project can cost a lot less than you think.

Contact us​ using the link above and we'll call you right back.

And feel free to push us. We love challenges.